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How We Can Help You

Start a New Routine with a Friendly Community

Offering you total flexibility. We have shared personal training sessions available hourly throughout the day starting at 6am. We help you fit in your workouts around your schedule. You’ll also get a chance to exercise with a great community of people which help you stick to the plan.

Structured Workouts

We take a scientific approach to program design that progresses weekly with varied exercises. We help you track your strength and fitness improvements. The workouts will be fun and tailored as much as possible to help you make sure you train the right way to get you the best possible results.

Performing the Exercises Right 

We only have very small groups so we can give you the individual coaching that you’ll need. Our programs are designed to be suitable for any starting fitness level. We scale our programs according to your strength and fitness to meet you where you are at push you on quickly.

21-Day Trial Only £129


Use the contact form below if you have any questions or to would like to arrange a time to come and see us for a tour of the club


The Engine Room
St Bedes Hall