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Our story

01 \ 05 Our Story

Having been in the industry for over 20 years now, we’ve seen most gym approaches short-lived, one dimensional and members taking second place. We all know that we should be working on all aspects of our fitness, flexibility and strength and that each are just as important as one another.

At The Engine Room, we have refreshed the approach, re-designed the program to suit everyone and to include everything you need to get results and make it sustainable.

Built on a foundation of solid personal training, we created an inclusive, customer-centric experience that focuses purely on results.

With a scientific approach to program design and using proven methods delivered by the right team.

02 \ 05 Personal Coaching

Every member’s program is centred around the personal training sessions they do.

Run by one of our professional coaches or the Founder himself, in small groups, of a maximum of five.

They will be there for individualised coaching and group motivation to help you keep up the quality of your training and see results.

03 \ 05 Designed for you

We get to know you and your individual exercise history and needs.

Over time this just gets better and better as we learn more about what you are capable of.

We keep the training fresh, fun and interesting.

We want you to feel comfortable training and support you as much as we can.

04 \ 05 Results based training

We’ve designed every inch of the Engine Room to produce results.

We’ve got a coaching team dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Our community culture and friendly, family orientated environment will always make you feel supported.

All you have to do is bring the effort, stick with it and you’ll soon see the results you wanted.

05 \ 05 Consistent and professional coaching, programming with integrity

We never use freelancers for our personal training so you can expect the same level of coaching every single session.

We program design month’s in advance and only implement tried and tested formulas that we’ve actually been through ourselves.

You’ll get a dedicated coach to help support your fitness journey with us.


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