Learn The Proper Rowing Technique With Row 101

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Beginners & Technique

Designed for people new to the crew and those wanting to get a better understanding. ROW 101 is a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of rowing. This class is not exclusively for first-time customers, even if you know your way around a rower, use this class as a refresher, or to perfect your technique. As a guideline, we recommend two sessions before moving onto the training schedule.

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Rowing class, Row 101 at The Engine Room in London.

the benefits

the benefits of row 101


01. Do it right

Do it right. We grow up with running and cycling but we know that not many of us have rowed. We’ve designed, tried and tested an easy way for you to pick up all the fundamentals.

02. Learn your numbers

Getting a proper understanding of what the numbers mean on the screen will make sure you always have a great workout and can keep track of your progress.

03. Fully connected

Thanks to the SKILLROW™ App, users can enjoy a more motivating digital experience. It’s like having a virtual cox always close by.

04. Unique feel of rowing on the water

The resistance delivered by SKILLROW was designed to follow the natural curve of the stroke in the water. The handle velocity throughout the active phase of the stroke is closer to the oar velocity in boat rowing than traditional ergometers. It’s called AQUAFEEL.

05. Train for Power and Cardiovascular

Unlike other machines, our rower offers the ability to add a magnetic resistance which gives you the benefit of training not only for cardio but for power improvements.

Technological rowing

Class: Row 101

Row 101 Instructors

You want the best for your body, and so do we. That’s why we’ve teamed up with World Champion British rower Matthew Tarrant to design our training programme. All of our team have been put through their paces at the Engine Room Academy before stepping foot on the rowing floor, so they know their stuff – just ask Mat! But, he might be a bit busy training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so you’ll just have to book a class and see for yourself.

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Rowing Coach


I invented this madness, say no more! I’ll have your technique locked down in no time. I’m the nicest and nastiest coach all in one!



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