Row Classes

High-Intensity Rowing Classes

New to the crew? Then pick ROW 101 – after you’ve done two of these classes, you’ll be ready to take it up a notch to one of the signature classes, BEATS or BREATHE.

Need more help? Then book a One to One session.

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  • Row 101

    Designed for people new to the crew, ROW 101 is a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of rowing.

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  • Beats

    Teamwork-driven class interchange between the SKILLROW and floor work. Chase your metrics as you row with your crew to the beat of the music.

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  • Breathe

    Use our specially designed SKILLROW™ App to track your metrics and act as your personal cox to push you to the next level and build iron strength lungs.

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  • One to One

    Super-charge your understanding & maximise results with a private rowing coach

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