New to the crew?


New to the crew?

Welcome to The Engine Room

The Engine Room is the future of group indoor rowing-based workouts.

Each class is low-impact with personalised intensity levels that you control – set your own pace as you row to the beat of the music in the hi-octane environment of our top-of-the-range studio. Keep your eye on the prize and watch your personal performance on our specialised interactive metrics screen to push yourself to levels you never thought possible.

Fun fact: rowing burns calories faster than running. How do we know? We’ve got the science to prove it.

Choose between, ENGINE HIIT and ENGINE ROW, each class is different, so you’ll never get bored. ENGINE HIIT is all about high intensity rowing intervals with dynamic floor exercises & on Friday’s a team race finisher!

A combination of being both on and off the SKILLROW™ machine, your individual metrics will help push you with every stroke! You can guarantee that every round will have you focused on something different that will help bring out only the very best in you!

ENGINE ROW is our rowing only concept that pushes your lunges to the edge based on your personal metrics. On a 4 weekly cycle learn all you need to know to improve your rowing game and personal fitness levels.

If you’re a beginner or just want to refresh your technique, we’ve designed our signature ‘Learn to ROW’ class – we recommend you try this before enrolling in another class if you’re totally ‘new to the crew’

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Before class

What app do I need?Plus

Download The Engine Room app via the iOS store and set up an account so you can record your body composition.


What should I wear?Plus

Wear comfortable clothing and prepare to sweat…A LOT. Make sure to bring supportive trainers and please note shoes MUST be worn in the rowing room.

What shoes should I wearPlus

Most clients sport everyday cross-trainers. Please note shoes MUST be worn.

When should I arrive?Plus

We recommend newcomers arrive 15 minutes before class. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed when a class is starting. Return clients, please sign-in no later than three minutes before class begins, otherwise, all reservations will be released to walk-ins at the start of class.

Do you have lockers?Plus

Yes, we have lockers in each changing room.

What if i'm running late?Plus

Once the class has started if you are not in the studio you risk your space in the class. Late arrivals become disruptive to the instructor and other clients so we appreciate your consideration. Sorry, no exceptions.

Can I book multiple Rowing machines?Plus

Yes, we encourage it! We sell row’s of 4 rowers, please call to book this. Then you can make sure you have your crew in the same boat for the races. If you’re looking to book a large party please contact

Can I pre-order my recovery shake?Plus

Of course you can! Pre-order it on the way in at our bar and it’ll be waiting for you after the class. Our shakes are designed not only to taste amazing but also help you recover quicker and not be as sore.

During class

Should I bring water?Plus

‘Borrow A Bottle’

We provide all the water you need in pre filled, re-useable bottles to save the environment and save your pennies! It’s important to hydrate before and during class.

What should i expect during a class?Plus

For more information on each class individually click on Learn to ROW, Engine HIIT or Engine ROW. Be rest assured that you will work at the level that’s right for you and overtime this will get more and more accurate. We come from a position that the technique comes first and then power second, so we will build things up. Guaranteed there will be mega lights, mega music and a fully immersive experience!

After class

Does The Engine Room have showers?Plus

There are multiple showers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, fully stocked with towel service, vanities with hair dryers and complimentary bath + body products.


I've left something behind!Plus

Any items left at the studio will be put in the lost and found which is cleared out every Friday without exception, so be sure to check accordingly. When in the studio, please remember to lock up belongings. We highly recommend not bringing any valuables to the studio and more importantly not wearing any valuables in the classes as The Engine Room is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Do I need to create an account?Plus

Yes, you will need to create an account before booking a rower. A waiver will need to be signed and an emergency contact will need to be set up; all of these steps can be done online or in person.

Is there an age requirement?Plus

Anyone under 18 will need to get a parent or guardian to sign a waiver in person; however, children under 12 are not permitted at this time.

Where can i buy Engine Room apparel?Plus

We have all you need in the bar area. We have teamed up with Lululemon to bring you the best gear.

What is the cancellation policy?Plus

You can cancel 12 hours before the session. If a class is missed, we are unable to refund the credit. No exceptions.


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