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One-to-One Personal Training

Award Winning Studio

Meeting your needs

In our 12 year history we’ve gained a reputation as the number one gym for personal training in the area and coaching will always be at the core of what we do. Some people’s needs and goals suit personal training better, some may need more focus while others can find dedicated support and coaching beneficial no and then.  


When 1-2-1 Works…

Prefer to work alone and get all the attention on you? Some people will need lots of support and a watchful eye on everything they are doing as to avoid old injuries or help them over current injuries. It may also be the case that you work better with the coach 1-2-1 than in a group.

Serious injury or Competitive Athlete?

If you are looking to get back to full fitness and want that support early on in the rehab then this is a good time to go for 1-2-1. Training for a specific event that needs to be tailored to you? Then this another prime candidate for 1-2-1 Personal Training.



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