High-Intensity Rowing Classes

New to the crew? Then start your Engine with our Rowing Masterclass  – after you’ve completed this class, you’ll be ready to take it up a notch to our signature ‘Engine’ workouts…

High intensity intervals on the rower and explosive strength training combinations on the floor will give you a total body workout. Rowing is low impact to the body, uses 85% or the body’s muscles across 9 major muscle groups making it one of the best full body workouts you can do!

The programming at Engine Room also carefully alternates muscle focus to ensure that your body gets a balanced workout and proper time for recovery between classes.

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  • Engine Masterclass – The Ultimate Coached Rowing Workout

    Designed for people new to the crew, ROW 101 is a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of rowing.

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  • Engine Room

    Teamwork-driven class interchange between the SKILLROW and floor work. Chase your metrics as you row with your crew to the beat of the music.

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    Use our specially designed SKILLROW™ App to track your metrics and act as your personal cox to push you to the next level and build iron strength lungs.

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  • One to One

    Super-charge your understanding & maximise results with a private rowing coach

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